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Activity Name: Nature Suncatcher 
Submitted by: Monica
Date: 5/3/2015
Materials needed:

Paint Paintbrush Sticky Tape Card Craft Knife

Age Group: 2+
Duration: 45 minutes

A cold, rainy and miserable day... we needed to brighten up the day with a fun & busy craft. Inspired by The Artful Parent, '3D Nature Suncatchers' , we decided to make our own version. For this activity we used the wonderful thick card from Paper Cutz - Perfect for this project as the card is very durable and can be used for endless projects using all sorts of media. Using a craft knife I prepped Leon's sun-catcher by carving out the middle section. I then added sticky tape on one side (in rows) for the flowers to stick to. The next step was quite eventful... as it was heavy rain outside I decided to run outside and grab some of the 'Forget me nots' (closest to the door of course) with some leaves from the lemon tree. I placed these in a plastic bowl for Leon so use later. 

What you like about it:

Fun, bright, Educational
Additional Comments: First step - Prep the table! ~ Painting with a little one can be very messy so using a protective sheet on your table is vital! I placed two oil colours for Leon (I watch that he won't eat it!) and his paintbrushes along with the card and flowers. Create! - Leon got stuck in! He loved using his paintbrushes and sponges to paint the border. Looking at the flowers and arranging them onto the suncatcher was a unique experience for him and I could tell this was brightening up our day. (This activity lasted over an hour!) Once Leon had finished I made sure everything was stuck together and waited to the paint to dry. Finally I sealed the sun-catcher with more tape - in rows. Ta-Da! A 'Nature Sun-catcher'. Place in front of a window or simply place on the shelf, a lovely craft for anyone on the 'rainy days'. 

Submitted by: Violet
Date: 04/30/13
Materials needed:

Balloons, bucket, water, paper towels, and swim suits are optional

Age Group: All ages
Duration: As long as you like

Whoever has the water balloon is it and they throw the water balloon at someone.  If the water balloon hits them, they are it.  Then the person who is it gets a water balloon from the bucket ... 

What you like about it:

It's good for a hot summer day.

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: Build a Car 
Submitted by: Kelly
Date: 2/1/13
Materials needed:

Large Shipping Boxes that your child can fit in sitting down. Scissors or Box Cutter (Parents use only) Packing Tape Paper Plates (any size, preferably large) Paper Bowls Empty Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls Glue sticks or Regular Glue Paints, Markers, Construction Paper, Sticker, anything else to decorate the Box Car.

Age Group: 2 and up
Duration: 1 hour

Paint Paper Plates to look like Tires, let dry. Paint paper bowl to look like steering wheel. Let dry. Cut off the top flaps of the box and decorate as spoiler or side windows etc to add to your car. Decorate box to look like a car by gluing construction paper on it or cover up logos on box with paints and other decorative supplies. Once everything has dried, take the Empty paper rolls and measure a hole at one end of the box that the roll will fit through. Cut a hole to slide the roll into. Cut a small slit at an angle in the roll to keep it sitting in the hole or just tape it securely to the box. Take your bowl and attach that to the end of the paper roll so it looks like a steering wheel. Apply dry paper plates to the four corners of the box to look like tires. Apply mirrors or spoiler to the box by cutting slits in each the boards and box and sliding them into each other. Let the kiddos hop in and enjoy! 

What you like about it:

Kids love to craft and they can have fun decorating their vehicle all they want. Once its done they can use their imagination to play or even sit in front of the TV in their car. They are open to use their imagination!!

Additional Comments:

Duration time varies depending on how extensive you get with decorations.

Activity Name: Taste Test
Submitted by: JK, Mom of 2 (ages 10 and 11)
Date: 2/24/2013
Materials needed:

Various foods.

Age Group: 4+
Duration: At least 5 minutes.

Try the food that is given to you with a blindfold on and try to guess what type of food it is.

What you like about it:


Additional Comments:


Activity Name: Last Letter Game
Submitted by: Priyanga
Date: 2/17/2013
Materials needed:


Age Group: 5+
Duration: As long as you like.

A child must tell an object. The next child tells a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word, and so on.

What you like about it:

No materials needed.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: "Will it Float"
Submitted by: Melissa, Mom of William (4) and Andrew (1)
Date: 8/21/12
Materials needed:

Bowl of water - preferably clear, various household items, some that will sink and some that will float, towels

Age Group: 2+
Duration: As long as attention span allows.

I got the idea from remembering an old Letterman bit where they would take a tub of water and guess if something would sink or float. I raided my kitchen drawers and a nearby toy bin for various items that were small enough to fit in a big plastic bowl. My 3yr old son would guess if it would sink or float and then drop into the water. He loved guessing. He'd take them all out and do it again.

What you like about it:

It was some basic science (saying what you think will happen and then observing what does) and allowed him to touch different textures and the mess really wasn't that bad!

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: Pick up and Sort
Submitted by: Danyal, Mom of Adam (3) and Ava (3m)
Date: 8/19/12
Materials needed:

Bowls, Chopsticks, tongs, spoons, and any items that are large enough to be scooped up by the spoons.

Age Group: Toddlers and Preschoolers
Duration: However long they will last.

Separate the bowls and help each child use either the tongs, spoons, or chopsticks to sort each item by their attribute such as size, color, or shape.

What you like about it:

It's fun trying to figure out different ways to hold the tongs, spoons, and chopsticks.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: Pirate Ship
Submitted by: Pearl, Mom of Sofia (6) and Matt (3)
Date: 6/14/12
Materials needed:

Ironing Board, red bandanas, and an empty paper towel tube for telescope.

Age Group: 2-6
Duration: As they last

Kids need to make sure to stay on the pirate ship which is the ironing board (FOLDED ON THE FLOOR!) and if they step off they will lose and they will be taken by the sharks (which is daddy). Kids love it!

What you like about it:

What you like about it: Kids learn to balance on ironing board and love working as a team and help each other not fall off the ship.

Additional Comments:

Your kids will love it, but let them use the old ironing board. Lol!

Activity Name: GARDENING
Submitted by: Erin, Mom to Peter (2)
Date: 05/30/12
Materials needed:

gloves, shovels, seeds, rakes, etc.

Age Group: 1+
Duration: Attention Span ;-)

Spend some time outside, digging in the dirt and learning about how things grow. If the child wants to help, he can dig holes, place seeds, pulls weeds,or any other easy task. As your garden grows, you can talk about what things are and how you use them.

What you like about it:

It's really great for kids to see how things can grow out of tiny seeds into things that they recognize (flowers, tomatoes, beans, etc.). It's also fun to be able to bring something in from the garden, cook, and eat it, all in one day.

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: Baking Cakes
Submitted by: Veronica, Mom of Karissa(10) and  Izabella(2)
Date: 5/26/12
Materials needed:

Cake mix, fosting, baking materials

Age Group: 2+
Duration: 2 hours

We made a carrot cake every week.

What you like about it:

We spend time together and have fun measuring the ingredients.

Additional Comments:

My older daughter got tired of carrot cake, now we are going to start making chocolate cake:-)

Activity Name: Shape Book
Submitted by: Kim, Mom of Benjamin (5)
Date: 09/09/11
Materials needed:

Construction paper, yarn, hole punch, crayons, glue

Age Group: 3+
Duration: Finish now or do a shape a day!

3 hole punch construction paper (5-10 pages depending on how many shapes u would like to learn) Have your little one make a cover pages, title Book of Shapes and draw a couple of shapes to decorate. Have your child label each additional page with the name of a shape (square, triangle, octagon, ect) Bind pages with yarn to make a book. Go around the house or yard to find thing that are those shapes... Things we use everyday like tags or caps or buttons. A few items for each shape. Have your kids glue each item they find onto the proper page (according to shape). They have made their own book of shapes to learn with!

What you like about it:

Feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Practiced not only shape recognition and characteristics but writing skills, observation skills, arts and craft skills.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: WALKING I-SPY
Submitted by: Meredith, Mom to Mazzie (20 months)
Date: 08/04/11
Materials needed:

Walking shoes, water to drink, and a stroller for young kiddos

Age Group: All ages
Duration: As long as you walk

Take a walk around the block, in a park, or at the mall...on the walk, each person (that can talk) says "I-Spy with my little eye" and then describes the item by color, size, beginning letter or another descriptive clue and the other people try to guess what it is!

What you like about it:

Teaches my young daughter about the items around here, descriptive words and we get some exercise!

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: Balloon Tennis   
Submitted by: Rosemary, Mom of Fintan (5)
Date: 07/13/11
Materials needed:

Ballons, big towel or blanket, masking tape or area rug

Age Group: 4+
Duration: As long as you want

You can use an area rug as a "court" or mark off a court on the floor with masking tape. Use a rolled towel or blanket as the net. Each player needs a ballon to use as a racket. Then use a different color balloon for the ball. Players take turns serving the ball over the "Net". If the balloon falls on the floor before it is returned the other player gets a point. (kind of like volleyball). You can decide if there is one or more hits allowed depending on the age and skills of your child.

What you like about it:

It's a great way to get some exercise when it is too hot to play outside, but you aren't playing with a hard ball that might knock over and break something in your house.

Additional Comments:


Submitted by: Amy, Mom to Taylor 10, Will 6, Drake 5, Daphne 2 mos.
Date: 06/09/11
Materials needed:

Water, Water Balloons

Age Group: All ages
Duration: As long as you want!

Fill up a bunch of water balloons, then stand opposite each other, see how long you can toss and catch the water balloon before dropping it!

What you like about it:

You get wet!

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: "Squishy Ball"
Submitted by: Sarah, Mom of Cinthia (13), Alliana (9), Cassandra (3).
Date: 3/28/11
Materials needed:

Round Balloons, Sand Funnel, Bowl of water

Age Group: Any
Duration: 1 hr.

Older kids can complete this activity with your supervision. For younger kids, you'll need to create the squishy balls for them. Purchase a bag of balloons. Round balloons made of thick latex will work the best and be the most durable. Place the bottom end of the funnel into the mouth of the balloon and pour sand into the balloon until the balloon is completely filled. Don't tie the flap of the balloon just yet! Instead, take the balloon full of sand and carefully hold it in a large bowl full of water. Don't submerge the balloon completely. Submerge the body of the balloon - everything except the open flap. The pressure from the water will help push out any small air pockets in the balloon. Pinch closed the open flap of the balloon, so air doesn't get into the balloon. Tie off the end of the balloon into a tight knot. Dry off any excess water on the outside of the balloon. You're squishy balloon ball is now ready for squeezing.

What you like about it:

My kids love them!

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: MARCHING BAND
Submitted by: Theresa, Mom of Lucas (4) and Autumn (2)
Date: 3/28/11
Materials needed:

Musical Instruments

Age Group: 12mon+
Duration: As long as you like!

Everyone gets dressed up with whatever they desire, boots, hats, etc. Everyone picks their instrument, then we start marching! We march all over the house or outside! You can even put music on, so you can keep the beat if you want.

What you like about it:

We all have a blast! The kids especially love making lots of noise! I can even take a break and be a spectator if I want!

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: Shoe String Fun 
Submitted by: Rosemary, Mom of Fintan (4)
Date: 02/14/11
Materials needed:

Shoes with laces or a pair of old shoe laces

Age Group: any
Duration: varies

For younger kids, they can practice being able to lace their shoes like lacing cards. Then you can make shapes with the laces on the floor,table,etc..and have them guess what the shape is. Then have the kids take turns making shapes with the laces and you guess what the shape is. This can be played with letter names and sounds, as well.

What you like about it:

I like it because the kids can work on fine motor skills while lacing. They also work on identifying shapes and creadting them, too.

Additional Comments:

Great activity for someone with a little one that is constantly taking off their shoes and/or messing around with their laces.

Submitted by: Jessica, Mom of Cade 10, Arianna & Brianna 7 and Jacob 5
Date: 10/15/10
Materials needed:

Twister Game

Age Group: 5 - 35
Duration: 1 hour +

Two people challange each other, one decides what they get or the loser has to do if they win, such as cleaning or wathing a special show.

What you like about it:

Gets the whole family active and playing with each other, develops good sportsmenship and friendly competition, and helps them to learn right from left.

Additional Comments:

This game can go on for hours, and let me tell you twister can get some muscles burning!

Activity Name: Dance Party
Submitted by: Laura, Mom of Douglas (5) and Andi (2)
Date: 10/3/10
Materials needed:

Mom's Favorite Music

Age Group: 6m +
Duration: 30 minutes whenever needed.

Around 5pm my kiddos get "cranky" while I am trying to prepare dinner. So I turn on my favorite music and we have a dance party to change our moods! It is so much fun and it changes my kids moods quickly (and mine).

What you like about it:

I love to introduce the kids to different types of music...motown, beyonce, black eyed peas, michael jackson, 50s music, and top 10 greatest hits!

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: Pizza Face 
Submitted by: Amanda, Mom of RJ and Hailee 4 & 1
Date: 10/14/10
Materials needed:

Pizza dough, Spaghetti Sauce, Veggies, Pepperoni and all your faves.

Age Group: 1 +
Duration: 1 hour

We roll out the pizza dough into different shapes for each pizza. Then we decorate it with our veggies to make it look like our character.  So far we have made a pizza Rj and a pizza hailee and a pizza spongebob!

What you like about it:

The kids love helping and eating their veggies is a lot easier when the end result looks like something they imagined. Plus it's great family time even for my tiny one!

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: BINOCULARS  
Submitted by: Annette, Mom of Leelakay 5 and Sean 4
Date: 09/27/10
Materials needed:

2 toilet paper rolls and scotch tape.

Age Group: 5
Duration: 10 minutes

Make pretend binoculars.

What you like about it:

We pretend we are part of an African safari.

Additional Comments:

We hope you like the idea. For added fun you can decorate your binoculars too.

Activity Name: Rocket Ship 
Submitted by: Andrew, Dad of Miles (3) 
Date: 09/03/10
Materials needed:

Cardboard boxes, something to cut with, various colored markers, tape (packing tape works best), anything you want to use for rocket ship controls.

Age Group: any
Duration: Until the imagination runs out.

Build a rocket ship using cardboard boxes by stacking, or placing side by side.  Use markers to draw controls, gauges, etc. to make the inside look like a rocket ship control center.  Pretend you and your kid(s) are going on an outer space adventure.  If you are unable to fit inside the rocket ship then you can pretend to be an alien, or some sort of space creature.

What you like about it:

It makes your children use their imagination, and kids love to play in structures that they can climb inside.

Additional Comments:

I used to do this all of the time when I was a child, and I would play for hours. You can make the cardboard boxes into a fort, a playhouse, or whatever you think your child will find to be the most fun.

Activity Name: EGG HUNT  
Submitted by: Deborah, Mom of Hannah (3)
Date: 09/03/10
Materials needed:

Plastic eggs, basket,bucket, or bag to hold eggs.

Age Group: 1 to adults
Duration: Until you get tired of playing.

Hide the eggs inside or outside your house & then go egg hunting. Then let the kids go hide the eggs. I usually put candy, a small prize, cookies, or gummies in a few eggs for more excitement.

What you like about it:

You can reuse Easter items & it's a simple game that makes my little girl so happy.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: Cookie Time
Submitted by: Alisha, Mom of Seth(5) and Chazin(1)
Date: 08/30/10
Materials needed:

Your favorite cookie recipe, a bowl, baking sheet and an apron b/c you are going to get dirty!

Age Group: 3-30
Duration: 20 min

I love to bake and I guess my son picked up on that b/c whenever I'm making cookies he has to join in! So Seth (my son) grabs his chair rolls up his sleeves and helps make cookies!

What you like about it:

It's always nice to share something you love with your kids and to watch them learn to love and enjoy it as much as you do..

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: Move!!! Move!!! Move!!!
Submitted by: Maria, Mom of Brizeida(2); Raymond(1)
Date: 08/30/10
Materials needed:

Exercise movie or DVD..and a music CD

Age Group: 1-18
Duration: 30 min

Everyday at 2pm I put on a zumba DVD and start exerciseing with my little ones.  I try and motivate them to follow the steps from the movie or DVD, after that I put a music CD and we just dance around the house and I let them move as they like.

What you like about it:

I love how my little ones try to follow directions from the DVD, its so funny.  I just love the way they have fun seeing me dance.

Additional Comments:

I really recommend this, it' fun and at the same time they get some excercise every day.

Activity Name: Water Play in the Sink            
Submitted by: Joanna
Date: 08/08/2010
Materials needed:

Towels, Water, Sink, and chair or water table. Plastic dishes or small objects that can transfer water like spoons, caps to baby bottles or caps to soda bottles, medicine droppers (without medicine), small measuring cups etc.

Age Group: Walking Toddler - 5 or 6
Duration: 5-20 min

Drape a towel over the back of a chair and push the back of the chair up to the sink. Fill the sink with warm water and bubbles (let your little one help with this) and give either plastic dishes to the child to "wash" or other small objects to scoop up and pour water. Make sure you have LOTS of towels on the floor around the chair to catch the water. Also, make sure you closely monitor your child as the chair can get very slippery and you don't want your child to fall. If you have a water table, this same activity can be done outside with less fear of the child slipping and falling.

What you like about it:

My son often wants to do what I do. This allows him to have a dramatic play and tactile experience. It also allows him to experiment with cause and effect, quantity, conservation etc.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: CHALK PEOPLE  
Submitted by: Laura S.
Date: 07/21/10
Materials needed:

sidewalk chalk of varying colors, kids, and your imagination

Age Group: all ages

20 min


Kids lay on driveway face up. Someone else traces around them using sidewalk chalk. Then the kids color in the image to make the clothes they are wearing or any fun clothing. They may draw on the face and hair. We have done different poses and have even had 3 friends lay down with hands and feets stretched out, heads toward the center and hands touching. It looks really neat. A great tribute to friendship.

What you like about it:

This is fun and easy for all ages, and you end up with a masterpiece.

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: CLOUD WATCHING  
Submitted by: Laura
Date: 07/13/10
Materials needed:

Just your eyes, your imagination, and a partly cloudy day

Age Group: any

20 min


You lay down outside and look up at the sky. Whoever sees a cloud image calls it out. The other person/people try to see it too. You can see so many fun things in the clouds, like animals, faces, people, planes, etc.

What you like about it:

This is a game that any age can play and enjoy. It is a great way to get outside and have everyone interacting and having fun.

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: OCEAN IN A BOTTLE  
Submitted by: Shana, Mom of Parker (3)
Date: 07/11/10
Materials needed:

Empty soda bottle with cap, water, oil, blue food dye, glitter, ocean critters (you can buy small tubes of fish from Target), glue

Age Group: 2+
Duration: 30 min.

Oil and water doesn't mix, so the blue water and clear oil make a nice ocean effect when swished around in the bottle. The glitter and ocean animals add some fun.

Instructions: Fill an empty soda bottle 1/2 way with water, then add just a little bit of food dye (too much and you won't be able to see the ocean creatures) Fill the rest up with oil. Add as much glitter as desired & the animals. The glue is important to seal off the lid, because you don't want oil and food dye spilled out in your living room! I used elmers but I think that Hot Glue or maybe even epoxy would have been a safer bet.

What you like about it:

For children everything is so new.  I liked that my son got a little science lesson and we had fun making it together. He was really proud of himself and this is something that is simple enough for him to do.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: "Tie-Dye" Coffe Filter Flowers             
Submitted by: Rosemary, Mom of Fintan (4)
Date: 06/29/2010
Materials needed:

Coffee Filters, Food coloring, Green pipe cleaners, spray bottle w/water, Sisscors, Hairdryer (optional)

Age Group: 3+
Duration: 30 min

Cover your work area with old newspaper. Open and flaten some coffee filters. Have your child squeeze various colors of food coloring on the filters. No need to put too much. About 3 drops of each color. Then spray all the filters with water until the colors run together. You can let the filters dry by themselves or use a hairdryer. When the filters are dry, fold into 8ths and cut a decorative edge if you like. Then carefully open the large ends and fluff them out. Keep the pointed end pinched together. Fold a pipe cleaner in half. Wrap it around the base of the flowers twice. Then twist the ends together to make the stem.

What you like about it:

It is a cheap art activity that looks so beautiful. I usually have the supplies already on hand. Our son loves "painting" with the food coloring. He loves putting the flowers together in bouqets for grandma and others on their birthdays.

Additional Comments:

It gives us a chance to have a teachable moment when our son predicts what colors will "magically" appear as certain colors mix together when the water is added.

Submitted by: Valerie, Mom to Natalie (5) and Danielle (2)
Date: 06/05/10
Materials needed:

Shaving cream and a table.

Age Group: 2+
Duration: 30 min.
Description:     We put some shaving cream on the table and the kids have fun playing with it. We also practice writing our letters, numbers and drawing shapes.
What you like about it:

The kids have fun and they practice writing. It cleans the table and makes the house smell good.

Additional Comments:


Submitted by: Angela, Mom to Ryan (8) and Rebecca (5)
Date: 06/04/10
Materials needed:

Shaving cream, toy cars / trucks, sponges, water table or plastic boxes with water--can also use baby dolls. Can also use a spray bottle with water.

Age Group: 2+
Duration: As long as the kids enjoy it.
Description:     Spray shaving cream and let the kids "wash" the vehicles or baby dolls. They can use the water to clean the "soap" off.
What you like about it:

Fun activity. Cleans the toys without the kids knowing it. :) Good fine motor activity.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: DANCING KARAOKE               
Submitted by: Thomasina, Mom of Daniela (7), Mireya (5) and Ariana (2)
Date: 05/25/2010
Materials needed:

stereo, cd's, dancing space

Age Group: All ages
Duration: 30 min - 1hr

Get your kids favorite music and their pretend microphones and have them make dance routines while singing their favorite song.

What you like about it:

I enjoy the kids laughter when they do silly moves and that they are constantly moving around.


Additional Comments:


Activity Name: PICK-OFF TRAY           
Submitted by: Melissa, Mom of J (1) and expecting
Date: 05/10/2010
Materials needed:

Food, movie, blanket


Age Group: Whole Family
Duration: 2-3 hours

We have been doing this since I was a kid. We make nachos, finger foods, apples and cheese, popcorn, and any leftovers we can display nicely. We put all the food on trays and place a buffet on a big blanket on the living room floor. Then we plie the whole family into the living room and watch a movie together while enjoying our Pick-Off-Tray!

What you like about it:

We are all together and look forward to the night.

Additional Comments:


Activity Name: NATURE WALKING 
Submitted by: Johnny R., Dad to Kix (16), John (5) and Jades (3)
Date: 04/26/10
Materials needed:

Old socks.

Age Group: All ages
Duration: unlimited

Place the old socks over your shoes and head outdoors!  Go for a walk down your street, or take a hike at your favorite park.  Nature items will stick to your socks (leaves, flowers, nuts, seeds) Put them into your bag/box before going home.  You now have a great collection to sort through.  Use them to talk about life cycles, or paste them onto poster board for a cute display.  If you're super-artsy, take pictures of your favorite items and make a nature scrapbook, collage, or wreath.

What you like about it:

This activity is appropriate for all ages, and there is no time limit required.  This is one that the kids and I always look forward to.  Makes for a fun family time.

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: ICE CUBE PAINTING   
Submitted by: Kelly
Date: 04/23/10
Materials needed:

Washable non-toxic paint in as many colors as you want, Ice cube trays, popsicle sticks, water

Age Group: 1-10
Duration: 15 - 60 min

Fill as many slots in the ice cube trays as you want halfway with paint and fill it the rest of the way up with water. Stir the paint and water mixture with the popsicle sticks and place one popsicle stick in each mixture. Place the tray in the freezer until each mixture is frozen completely. Pop put the ice cubes and let the kids paint with them on paper.

What you like about it:

It's a unique and fun way to let your kids paint. My little one loves to paint and this is a new way to create a piece of art.

Additional Comments: None.
Submitted by: Rosemary, Mom of Fintan (3)
Date: 04/15/10
Materials needed:

Water bottle, cooking oil, water, food coloring, Alka Seltzer

Age Group: 3 +
Duration: 15-30 minutes

Fill the bottle about half way with oil. Add water leaving about one inch of space from the top. Add ten drops of food coloring.  After the food coloring mixes with the water, add 1/4 tablet of Alka Seltzer to the bottle. The Alka Seltzer will cause the colored water to bubble up through the oil like a lava lamp, but without the heat!

What you like about it:

My son loved making this with me. The measuring and pouring was fun, but when the bubble started, he was delighted!  He's a big fan of any bubbles and this topped the list!

Additional Comments:

We extended the activity by changing the color and predicting what would be the outcome. For example, we started with blue food coloring and then added yellow to make green.  We then had the incredible magic color changing lava lamp!  It's easy to store and take out and use again and again!  After a while it can get cloudy though.  No problem--wash out the bottle (don't waste it!) and do it again!  It's easy to make with items that most people already have!  NOTE: SEE A LARGER PICTURE IN OUR PHOTO ALBUM!


Activity Name: DRIVEWAY PAINTING          
Submitted by: Amy, Mom of Maya (6), Rachel (4) and Leah (1)
Date: 04/13/10
Materials needed:

Paint brushes (various textures and sizes), buckets of water, sidewalk chalk (optional)

Age Group: 1-10
Duration: 15 - 60 min

Send the kids outside on a hot day and let them paint the driveway!  See what designs they can make and what happens when water is painted over chalk.

What you like about it:

It's basically FREE!  It keeps the kids entertained and cool on a hot day.

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: HOT POTATO
Submitted by: Rosemary, Mom of Fintan (3)
Date: 03/24/10
Materials needed:

If played at home, something you can toss (stuffed animal, ball, ball of socks,etc...)

Age Group: 3 +
Duration: As long as you like

We usually sit in a circle or across from each other (if only 2 are playing).  The first person says,"Hot Potato" and then names a category. Categories might be things like: colors, foods, animals, vehicles, etc... The person catching the hot potato has to name something in that category and quickly pass on the hot potato to the next person. No one can repeat something that has already been said. If you can't think of something in the category, the category can be changed. However, the last person who was able to name something gets to decide the new category.

What you like about it: We like it because it teaches and re-enforces vocabulary. It also helps children thing of how to group things into categories. They learn about attributes to various things that make them a category.  Our soon to be four-year-old thinks it's so much fun!  He gets to show off things he knows. He also loves trying to think of one thing while trying to think about throwing and catching.  He loves the multi-tasking!  He also likes to pick sill categories(yucky things,smelly things,etc...)
Additional Comments:

We like to play Hot Potato in the car, too. Obviously,it doesn't include throwing things though. It helps pass the time and our son loves looking out the window to get more ideas for words and categories.  We notice he wants to know what more and more things are and what they are for and they end up in our games!

Activity Name: TASTE THE RAINBOW - MAKE TIE DYE CUPCAKES              
Submitted by: Cheryl, Mom of 4 (11, 7, 3 and 4 mo)
Date: 03/23/10
Materials needed:

white cake mix, food coloring, six small bowls, 16 muffin liners, muffin pan, whipped crema for cloud like dollop on top of cupcake


Age Group: 3 and up
Duration: According to Cake Mix Directions

Prepare your favorite white cake mix (18 1/4 box).  Then divide the batter evenly among six small bowls. Follow the accompanying color chart, dye each bowl of batter a rainbow color. Line 16 muffin pan wells w/ baking cups.  Evenly distribute the purple batter among the cups, then the blue and so on following the order shwon.  As you go gently spread each layer of batter with the back of a spoon to cover the color underneath.  Bake the cupcakes according to the recipe directions. Before serving, remove the paper liner wrapping, and if you like top each cupcake with a whipped cream cloud.  Enjoy! 


Color Chart

purple       6 red and 6 blue drops

blue        12 drops
green      12 drops

yellow     12 drops

orange    12 yellow and 4 red drops
red         12 drops


What you like about it: The different layers of colors that come out!
Additional Comments:

This was a recipe on family fun and it was a blast to do with my kids.  My three year old was amazed at all the different colors a small drop of color can make.

Activity Name: PAINT THE DECK                
Submitted by: Samantha, Mom of Lilliana (6), Christopher (23mo) and Austin (3mo)
Date: 03/21/10
Materials needed: Variety of Paints
Age Group: Any
Duration: 10 - 30 min

We have a deck in our back yard and I usually get the paints out and let my 6 year old and my two year old finger paint the deck or put their foot prints on the walk way.

What you like about it:

It shows their individualism, gives them a chance to have fun in what they're doing and not having to follow any directions to paint or color a certain way.  It also helps them take out any frustration they may have:-)

Additional Comments: None.
Activity Name: EDUCATIONAL "I SPY or I SEE"
Submitted by: Samantha, Mom of Travis (8) and Alison (5)
Date: 02/25/10
Materials needed: Imagination
Age Group: Kinder +
Duration: However long you want!

Like playing I spy.. but instead of "I spy something red".. it's " I spy something with the answer to 3+3 on it". (Could be a billboard with 6 people on it, or could be a license plate with the number 6.) or "I spy something that moves electricity" (could be a power line overhead or could be a light switch)..

Anything would work that makes them think outside the box!!!!

What you like about it: Similar to the traditional "I Spy" game... But in this version the I spy is always part of the answer to a problem :)
Additional Comments:

Inside/ Outside or great driving game.

Activity Name: GUESS MY EMOTIONS                    
Submitted by: Carmen, Mom of Kevin (5) and Anthony (2)
Date: 02/14/2010
Materials needed:

3 x 5 cards with pictures (you can either draw or cut out faces for this) and names of emotions, i.e. angry, happy, frustrated, confused, etc...

Age Group: 2-10
Duration: 10 min.

Each participant gets gets a card with a picture of the emotion and without the other participants knowing what's on the card, pretends to have that emotion i.e., confused.  The other participants guess the emotion. 

What you like about it: Children really like knowing how to show what they feel.  Even a young child can mimic what's on the card, and an older child can read the word as well after the emotion has been identified by other players.  The game can also have other levels such as saying the emotion in sign language or in other language, such as Spanish or French.
Additional Comments:

My two boys have learned a lot using this game and my two year old actually uses the word "frustrated" when he can't get an activity done right away.  

Activity Name: BIRDS AD BUGS AND CRAWLY THINGS                  
Submitted by: Sunshyne, Mom of Two (9,4)
Date: 02/14/10
Materials needed: Internet, a Camera, and a love of learning.
Age Group: Any
Duration: 1 hour.  Can take all day if you want to!
Description:     We "hide" on the deck and watch and listen for living creatures.  We take pictures and try to guess what they are called.  Then we upload our adventure to the laptop and search for their real names. 
What you like about it: The kids learn about wildlife without having to leave the confines of our backyard.  It can be really cozy when we're hunkered down trying to get the perfect picture. 
Additional Comments: We do this with plants as well, and take our adventures to parks/lakes in the warmer months.

Activity Name: PUDDING ART                    
Submitted by: Leslie, Mom of Rebecca (1)
Date: 02/08/2010
Materials needed: Vanilla Pudding, Food Coloring
Age Group: 6 months+
Duration: 30 min.
Description:     We make the pudding and put food coloring in it to make it look and feel like finger paint!
What you like about it: We have been doing this since about 6 months old.  The best part is that you don't have to worry about your little one eating it.  It's edible art!!!
Additional Comments: Sometimes we "paint" while sitting in the high chair, or sometimes I even let her go crazy on the kitchen floor!  It's super easy to clean up and doesn't seem to stain her clothes.  (I always let her do it on the day I have to mop! Haha)

Activity Name: MY LITTLE "WISH" BOOK...                      
Subbitted by: Samantha, Mom of Travis (8) and Alison (5)
Date: 01/14/10
Materials needed: Construction Paper, Old Magazines, Glue, hole puncher, yarn or ribbon, crayons or markers and Scissors.
Age Group: Pre-K and Up.
Duration: As long as it takes to make the books.
Description:     Have the child pick out a theme. (Ex: What I want to be when i grow up, my big Alphabet book, my animal book, or my big car/ truck book.) Let the child pick how many pages they want their book to be and the colors of the construction paper. Allow them to pick and cut out pictures, words or letters that go along with their theme. Then let them have fun while creating their own book.  Then have them write a short sentence describing their page.
What you like about it: The kids can use their imagination to create a book using pictures and letters in a magazine that match their theme.
Additional Comments: My oldest has his laminated and put up in his room. He did his on Spanish foods and items while learning the language in Kinder; HAVE FUN!!!!
Activity Name: KITCHEN FUN                                              
Subbitted by: Amanda, Mom of Austin (10 mo)                        
Date: 11-30-09
Materials needed: Pot, wooden spoons, empty cabinet in kitchen
Age Group: 9mo+
Duration: As long as you're in the kitchen
Description: This was our first Thanksgiving as a family and with company and cooking I had no idea what to
do to entertain Austin. So I decided to set him up with an activity in the kitchen. I emptied a bottom cabinet and put a pot I wasn't cooking with, 3 wooden spoons and a small mixing bowl in the
cabinet. I sat Austin down in front of it and viola! Instant entertainment! My Dad even got in on the
fun and sat down and played with him!
What you like about it: Keeps children close so they can be carefully watched. Teaches spacial properties and sounds
different materials make. I plan to leave this cabinet like this for him.
Additional Comments: Make sure the pots, spoons and bowls are age appropraite and don't have any small parts!
Safety first!!
Images:  Austin with Grandpa.
Activity Name: BOWLING DICE - MATH GAME                                              
Subbitted by: Susan, Mom of Nick and Nate                  
Date: 11-30-09
Materials needed: Large Foam of Fuzzy Dice
Age Group: 4-6
Duration: 10 minutes
Description: Take a set of dice and roll them by themselves against a wall or towards some milk cartons. Once thrown, the player counts the dots on each dice. Ex. 4 dots + 2 dots = 6...each time they add the 2 sets of numbers correctly they get to place a sticker or rubber stamp on their arm.
What you like about it: Dice Bowling teaches early addition skills.
Additional Comments: Great reason to purchase fuzzy know you want to.
Activity Name: SILLY SENTENCES                                            
Subbitted by: Thereesa, Mom of Christina and Joshua               
Date: 10-26-09
Materials needed: None
Age Group: 4-99
Duration: 5-30 minutes
Description: The first person says the first word of the sentence, any word.  The next person adds a
word.  And so on with each person adding another word.  It needs to form a sentence, but
not serious one!
What you like about it: It can be kept simple for young ones and more conplex for older ones.  The sentences are
always silly and make us laugh.
Activity Name: GOING TO THE STORE                                             
Subbitted by: Veronica, Mom of Destiny (4) and Gabriela (3)               
Date: 10-22-09
Materials needed: Things around your house, calculator and plastic HEB/Walmartbags.
Age Group: 1-99
Duration: As long as you want.
Description: You place the items on a table and allow the children to play mommy and daddy while
shopping at the store. I always play the check out clerk and then we take turns. We even
make signs for sales and prices.
What you like about it: It gives them the independence to pretend to buy what they want.  I always use items that I
usually do not let them touch such as laundry detergent (empty of course) or boxes of
macaroni.  You can pretty much use any items.
Activity Name: TREASURE HUNT                                             
Subbitted by: Paula and Kids (ages 4 and 5)                      
Date: 10-14-09
Materials needed: Tupperware, small toys (that you buy at the dollar store), homemade map
Age Group: 1-10
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Description: 1- You put together a "treasure," which is a Tupperware full of small toys.
2- You can either bury it in the back yard or hide it somewhere in the house.
3- Make a treasure map. Make the kids take 15 steps to the right, go around the shed, go
under the table, down the slide... You get the picture. If you soak the paper in coffee and let
it dry, it will look like a real canvas map!  
What you like about it: My kids have a blast doing this! You can do it indoors and outdoors; during cold weather
and warm weather; at home or at the park...
Additional Comments: It helps them with following directions, working in a team, counting, and opens up the door to
their imagination.
Activity Name: PAINTING THE DOOR                                            
Subbitted by: Jenny, Mom of Cody (3), Tanner (1)                 
Date: 10-11-09
Materials needed: Washable paints, paint brushes.
Age Group: 1 and up
Duration: As long as you want.
Description: We take washable paints put them on a paper plate, and paint the outside of the sliding door.  Then when your done just take the hose and spray off the door and the kids.  
What you like about it: The kids can go crazy painting as much as they want.  The hose cleans up everything.
Additional Comments: If you have a screen door take it off for this activity!
Activity Name: "SNOWBALL" FIGHT                                      
Subbitted by: Norma,  Mom of Vesuvius (7)             
Date: 10-03-09
Materials needed: Any Paper.
Age Group: Any
Duration: Until we're tired!
Description: When its raining, like today, we crumble strips of any kind of paper or newspaper and pretend
they're snowballs.  We throw them at each other and the one with the most hits gets to select their favorite treat after the game is over.
What you like about it: My 7 year old is very active and this game can wear him out, especially because he's laughing so
hard.  Its can get physical.
Additional Comments: The paper isn't hard enough to hurt anyone or anything.  It helps kids with dexterity and aim.  
After the game, we toss the paper in the recycle bin.
Activity Name: SILLY DRAWINGS                             
Subbitted by: Vanessa, Mom of Jasmine (9), Jillian (5), Elissa (3) and Gordo (2)    
Date: 10-01-09
Materials needed: Poster Boards, Washable paints, Colors, Color Pencils & Markers.
Age Group: Any
Duration: All Day Long.
Description: We buy large poster boards and we sometimes tack them on the wall or right on the floor. We ask the kids to draw their family doing silly things. They really put effort into the imagination and come up with some really cool and silly drawings. It so much fun because they have fun.
What you like about it: They really put some thought into it and get their mind working. And at the end the pictures are
so colorful and funny.
Activity Name: GUESS WHO / WHAT                                          
Subbitted by: Traci, Mom of Austin (5) and Tristan (1)            
Date: 09-26-09
Materials needed: Just your minds!
Age Group: 4 and up
Duration: As long as you like.
Description: The person who is "it" thinks of a person, place, or thing. Everyone else takes turns asking
questions and trying to guess what the person is thinking of. The person who guesses
correctly gets to be "it" next.
What you like about it: It's fun, educational, doesn't require any materials, and we can play it anywhere. It's a great
game to play when we are at a restaurant waiting for our food or in the car.
Activity Name: INDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT                          
Subbitted by: Marisa, Mom of Emmy and Sebastian
Date: 09-26-09
Materials needed: Brown bag , stickers, crayons, markers, paper.
Age Group: Any
Duration: Depends on how long your list is.
Description: I let my kids decorate a plain paper bag while i make a list of small items to search for in the house. I make separate lists for my older son than my younger daughter because of their reading levels.
What you like about it: They like to play this when we have all their cousins over and they can't play outside. It also helps
them with their reading skills.
Additional Comments: I also have each child make a ribbon out of paper, one child for 1st, another child for 2nd and so on, so that everybody gets a ribbon at the end but not always the one they made.
Activity Name: SHAVING CREAM SILLINESS                                         
Subbitted by: Vanessa, Mom of Jasmine (9), Jillian (5), Elissa (3), Gordo (2)             
Date: 09-22-09
Materials needed: Shaving Cream Bowl, Finger Paints, A Drop Cloth or old Blankets.
Age Group: All Ages.
Duration: As long as you want.
Description: My husband usually on weekends likes to BBQ. And the kids like it, but you know kids, they get bored after a while. So we put shaving cream in large bowls and drops of paint in the mix. The kids play tag with it. Well it starts off as tag and then they just run around and try to paint on each other. They have so much fun, they love it. They will do that for a while, then sit and start painting on the poster boards we have outside for them with the cream and paints. They really have fun all day running around with the shaving cream and paint.
What you like about it: They have fun and get really creative with the stuff. It entertains them all day!
Activity Name: DANCE PARTY                         
Subbitted by: Liza, Mom of Angelina (3) and Carmela (9 mo)
Date: 09-15-09
Materials needed: CDs w/ player or music channels
Age Group: All ages.
Duration: As long as you want.
Description:                  We start with techno music pretty loud and dance wild around the house. Next we turn on
classical music and dance like ballerinas.  Sometimes we sing too!  We let the 3 yr old pick the
style of music.
What you like about it: This activity gets my entire family moving around, teaches my kids rhythm, different styles of music, and good indoor fun  
Activity Name: PRESSED LEAVES                                    
Subbitted by: Carolyn          
Date: 08-30-2009
Materials needed: Wax paper, leaves from trees, iron, kitchen towel.
Age Group: 3+
Duration: 30 minutes
Description: Collect colorful leaves (and different types) lay out a sheet of wax paper-waxy side up. Then
kids put leaves on wax paper in any order. Place another wax paper, same size, on top- waxy
side down. Carefully move to an iron board, cover with kitchen towel and iron on
low-medium. The wax paper should adhere together. Hang up in a window. My kids like to
hang up on our sliding glass doors.
What you like about it: Its fun and easy! And it reminds me of how beautiful Fall can be.
Additional Comments: USE IRON WITH CAUTION AROUND CHILDREN!! If wax paper doesn't adhere, then try
turning up iron a little at a time until it does.
Activity Name: HOME-MADE QUICK SAND                                
Subbitted by: Debbie, Mom of Six (6wks - 12yrs)         
Date: 08/27/09
Materials needed: Box of cornstarch, water, food coloring, plastic tub
Age Group: Any Age, Parents enjoy this too!
Duration:       Hours of Messy Fun!
Description: If you do this indoors be sure to do it in the garage or a place where you don't mind a mess.  Or put plenty of newspaper down.  Take 1/4 of the box of cornstarch (4 oz) and add a half a cup of water to the plastic tub.  Mix with your hands.  Continue adding the cornstarch and water in small amounts while mixing it around with your hand until it has the consistency of honey.  You can easily double or triple this amount for more kids in a bigger tub.  Add the food coloring for fun and make it colorful.  But use something to stir in the food coloring so you don't stain your hands.  Once it's mixed in, it won't stain any hands.  

Now go ahead and punch the mixture!  As hard as you can, it's amazing, it is a solid and a liquid at the same time.  Add some small toys and watch them sink, now try to get them out.  It's tough.  You have made your very own quicksand.  Have your children run across the mixture if the tub is long enough and you have enough mixture.  Try a wrapping paper container!  
What you like about it: This activity provides hours of fun and is CHEAP!  
Additional Comments: WARNING:  Do not pour this mixture down the sink, toilet or any drain, it will ruin your pipes!!  
Make sure to dump it in a trash bag when you are done and seal it up.  We did this for a science
experiment one year!  FUN!!!
Activity Name: INDOOR MINI SANDBOX                   
Subbitted by: Derri, Mom Four (2, 5, 7, 9)
Date: 08-25-09
Materials needed: Large Plastic Bin with Lid, Rice, Sand Toys
Age Group: 2-5
Duration: No set time.
Description:                     Use a plastic bin like the kind that fits under a bed.  Make sure it has a lid!  Pour in a few pounds of long-grain rice.  Add some toys like shovels, trucks, cups, ect. and let the kids have fun.
What you like about it: It's a fun activity that is easy to clean up. Kids love to play in the sand, and this mimics it well. It's also portable; the bin can be moved from one room to another, or outside.
Additional Comments: Put your own twist on it by changing the size of the bin, adding a container of water for the
"beach", or using brown rice instead of white.
Activity Name: LOCKS AND KEYS                          
Subbitted by: Patty       
Date: 08-24-2009
Materials needed: Padlocks, Keys
Age Group: 3-7
Duration:       10-30 minutes, or longer!
Description: Obtain several padlocks and put them together, locked, along with the keys. Your child will figure out which keys go to which padlocks. If you have some lockable containers, throw those in as well.
What you like about it: This activity keeps my kids entertained for enough time for my to get chores done: laundry,
dinner, basic cleaning.  

You can find padlocks of all sizes at any hardware store.
Additional Comments: Helps little ones with their fine motor skills.
Great to bring along on a long drive.  Just put everything into a small box or large gallon ziplock!
Activity Name: MEASURE AND POUR                 
Subbitted by: Valerie, Mom of Natalie (4) and Danielle (2)       
Date: 08/08/09
Materials needed: A Bucket of some sort, cups, spoons, bowls, etc.
Rice, beans, water, etc.
Age Group: Over 2 years, or above putting things into mouth.
Duration:       As long as the children stay interested.

Put whatever medium you chose in the bin/bucket and let the children measure and pour to their hearts' content.

What you like about it: I like the ability to switch it up easily so the kids don't get bored. Also they are learning about
quantities and measuring while playing.
Additional Comments: Have Fun!
Activity Name: LETTER OF THE DAY/WEEK                        
Subbitted by: Claudia, Mom of Luke (3) and Anna (8m)
Date: 08/01/09
Materials needed: Paper, Scissors, Glue, Pens, Collage Supplies of your Choice (old magazines, construction paper
etc.), Ring Binder optional
Age Group: 2, Preschool
Duration: 15-30 minutes
Description: Pick a letter to focus on, and create 1 page featuring that letter.  Draw or glue the letter on the paper and the let your child help you decorate or color it.  Then you can help him/her to cut out
pictures from a magazine that begin with that letter and glue it on the paper.  When your letter
page is finished, post in on the fridge or wall for the day and look for the letter in books and
billboards etc. for the whole day.  When you're ready to move on to the next one you can store it
in a ring binder so you can keep looking at it and refresh the memory.
What you like about it: It's a creative and interactive way to learn letters.  It's very hands on and kids can be proud to
have a whole self-made letter book in the end.
Additional Comments: Works with Numbers too!
Activity Name: IMAGINATION STORY                        
Subbitted by: Desiree, Mom of Madison(8) Mackenzie (4) Sophia (19m)
Date: 07/06/09
Materials needed: Your Mind.  Paper and colors if you want to draw your story.  You can also act out your story as a
Age Group: Anyone who can talk!
Duration: As long as your imagination allows.
Description: The adult starts a story with various characters and a simple plot.  Each person has a turn adding their ideas to the story.  We usually have the adult also end the story.
What you like about it: The kids love to pretend they are the main characters of the story.  You can see how each child
has their own imagination.  This also helps the adult use their imagination, sometimes we seem to
outgrow our imagination.
Activity Name: ANIMAL SAFARI                      
Subbitted by: Cathy, Mom of Joe (6), Jake(4) and Lauren (2)
Date: 07/06/09
Materials needed: Variety of stuffed animals, Safari "gear"
Age Group: 2-6
Duration: We have played for as long as an hour.
Description:     Collect a large assortment of stuffed animals (most of us have more than we know what to do with anyway!).  Select a space to play and hide the animals throughout the space. Don't let the kids see where you are hiding them. Our kiddos like to dress up like they are going on safari (hats, camouflage, cameras, binoculars, walkie talkies, etc.).  Lead the kids on safari.  Sometimes we collect the animals. After we have found all the animals, we often talk about the different kinds, characteristics, etc.
What you like about it: This is a fun and easy indoor activity, which is great when it is 104 outside!  The kids really enjoy
it and they learn something at the same time.
Activity Name: OOBLECK ICK!                
Subbitted by: Mindy, Mom of Lorali (5), Rylan (3), Branson (1) and Adalyn (4M)    
Date: 07/02/2009
Materials needed: Book Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Suess, 16oz. box of cornstarch, green food coloring, and 2 cups water.
Age Group: 3-7

This activity can get messy so do it outside of cover a table with newspaper first. To make the
Oobleck mix 3 drops food coloring to 3/4 cup of water. Then in a large bowl add cornstarch and remaining water. Mix well and then add the water with the food coloring. Read the story and then let the kids play with the Oobleck. Younger kids love the texture and older kids can try to figure out if it is a solid or liquid. Another fun way for older kids is to give them materials such as cardboard, toothpicks, q-tips etc., and tell them that there is a planet made out of Oobleck and they have to design a space ship that can land on the planet without it sinking. The possibilities are endless!

What you like about it: This is a great activity to get them thinking about solids and liquids and various textures. It is also a great opportunity for some teachable moments and creative inquiry.
Additional Comments: Does get messy!
Activity Name: HOMEMADE KOOL PLAYDOUGH                  
Subbitted by: Emily, Mom of Kaeden
Date: 06/27/09
Materials needed: 3 cups Flour,  1/2 cups salt,  2 Koolaide packages,  2 cups Boiling water
Age Group: All Ages with Adult Help.
Duration: We have played for as long as an hour.
Description: Mix dry ingredients together. Add boiling water. Knead on floured board can add flour by
sprinkles until desired consistency. This playdough will last for a long time when stored right.
What you like about it: Who doesn't like playdough!
Activity Name: PUDDING COLOR MIXING                 
Subbitted by: Alyson, Mom of Quin (2)
Date: 06-21-09
Materials needed: Vanilla Pudding, Food Coloring
Age Group: 2-5
Duration: As long as your child's attention span will allow:-)
Description : Read 'Mouse Paint' or another color mixing book with your child. Divide vanilla pudding up into three different bowls (for primary colors) and add food coloring to each bowl (red, yellow, blue).  Use a plate, cookie sheet, etc. to combine two colors at a time to 'discover' a new color yellow+blue=green, red+blue=purple, yellow+red=orange, etc.). You can also simply place two tray or several small clear plastic glasses with water and have your child experiment with mixing two colors food coloring.
What you like about it: It is so much fun to watch your child discover the world of color!!
Additional Comments: Be sure to put on an old shirt, etc. because the food coloring won't come could also
have your child in his/her birthday suit.
Activity Name: ROCK STAR                
Subbitted by: Jyl, Mom to Kaleb (2) and Kendall (5)
Date: 06-18-09
Materials needed: A Good Imagination and Some Music.
Age Group: Really Any Age.
Description : My kids love to dance! When we play “Rock Star” the kids get dressed up in accordance with the type of music they’re dancing too. It could be big sunglasses and torn up jeans or a cowboy hat and boots. They get out their play guitars and microphones, put on the music and dance and sing like Rock Stars!
What you like about it: It’s something fun they enjoy doing together and they really get to use their imaginations.
Additional Comments: Play it with them! You can always sing background!
Activity Name: ANIMAL PANCAKES           
Subbitted by: Patrick, Dad of 2
Date: 06-16-09
Materials needed: Pancake Batter
Duration: Breakfast
Description :   My son and me like to have a pancacke breakfast on Sunday mornings.  He stands on a chair
at the stove and helps me pour the batter into animal shapes or maybe just a cloud or whatever we think it looks like.  

What you like about it:

It's fun for him 'cause he likes to help in the kitchen.  And at the end you've got a good
breakfast ready to eat!
Additional Comments: Nice way to start the day.
Activity Name: ART GALLERY                    
Subbitted by: Claudia, Mom of Lukas (3) and Anna (6mo)    
Date: 05-31-09
Materials needed: Whatever type of Art you want to create.
Duration:       Your child's attention span :-)
Description: My three year old loves to play "Famous Artist". We pick a medium (usually we just paint), and when it's finished we ceremonially add it to our "Art Gallery".  We frame the art and display it at a prominent spot in the house.  Our most recent one was a painting dedicated to his newborn sister, which is now proudly on display in her new room.  We actually get a lot of compliments from visitors who assume it is some abstract art that we bought.  So save some house decorating money and make your little artist feel very proud!
What you like about it: It is a great way to turn a simple art project into something special.  It's also a fun activity for
rainy days or a gift idea.  Besides, we actually really like our custom made art and the unique
and personal look it gives our house :-)
Additional Comments: Write the date on the back.  You'll be glad some day when your little ones are famous :-)
Activity Name: STORY TIME                   
Subbitted by: Kellie,  Mom of Madison (2) and Grayson (1)
Date: 06-10-09
Materials needed: Favorite Books.
Duration: Several Stories.
Description:                   Right after bath time,  we gather in the living room with the Disney Story Time Collection book.  They are short versions of the classic books and movies. The kids love the stories and love to sit in Daddy's lap for story time.
What you like about it: We love it because it calms the kids before bed and we get some quality time with no TV or other distractions.
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